Spring Update from Club 1458

Highlights from Spring at Club 1458:

Things were hopping during April break:

  • April Break featured Treetop Adventures and Boda Borg, two trips that showcased our “choose your challenge” philosophy, where children don’t feel pressured to do the “hardest level” or most difficult course, but instead start slow and build to greater difficulty, with the decision always in their hands. At Boda Borg, if children don’t succeed in the challenge the first time, they use that knowledge they gained through failure to head right back in and try again. Making mistakes and learning from them help kids solve a puzzle, whether it be physical or mental.
  • We had lots of nature time this April Break, trekking out to Borderland State Park, where we hiked through the forest and spent time by the gorgeous ponds. Springtime at Club 1458 is best celebrated by movement in the great outdoors!
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