Before School (K-5)


Open 7 am Monday through Friday. We provide transportation to Broadmeadow, Mitchell, Hillside and the Newman Elementary Schools.

Program Features:

  • Designed for children Grades K-5 in Needham
  • Safe, reliable, nurturing environment:
    Started in response to parent requests for early morning coverage, our before school program’s main goal is to provide a safe, caring place for your children – it is designed for parents who want to know that their children are in caring hands, so that they can leave for work and not worry about where their children are or what they are doing.
  • Geared toward working parents:
    Our flexible, early start time allows you to get your children off to school on a positive note.
  • Activities:
    Your children have options for how they spend their before school time with us:

    • Eat breakfast (we offer cereal and milk, but you can send your child with his/her own breakfast)
    • Relax and read in our living room
    • Spend some time with our bunny, guinea pig, or gecko
    • Catch up on homework in our comfortable working space
    • Hang out and socialize
    • Do art projects
  • Flexible Structure:
    Some kids are energetic in the mornings. Others need a quiet space to prepare for their day. We understand these different energy levels and personality types – that’s why we offer your children options for how they spend their time with us.

Program Forms:

Nurturing, Educating, and Empowering Children