Summer at Club 1458

Ages 9 – 13

Designed for children who will be entering Grades 4-8 in the fall, this program is offered only at the beginning and end of each summer, and is available to provide coverage during the weeks that school is closed, but other camps are not yet in session.

Dates for Summer 2017:

  • Friday, June 16 (first day will coincide with last day of NPS)
  • Week of June 19-23
  • Week of August 21-25
  • August 28 and 29 (last day will coincide with opening of NPS)

Hours: Open Monday-Friday, 7 am – 6:45 pm


  • Choose your days
  • Geared toward working families:
    Our flexible scheduling has you covered: sign up for the days you want and get end-of-summer coverage when other camps are closed for the season. Rest assured that your children will be in capable hands with our year-round, professional teaching team.
  • Variety of activities:
    We offer a field trip or on-site activity every day! Past activities include:

Nurturing, Educating, and Empowering Children