Sharing Exciting News With You

In addition to my role as Executive Director of Tobin Beaudet Schools, I will be taking on the role of Executive Director of The Tobin Family of Schools. Mary Beth Claus Tobin, my mother, who founded the schools 37 years ago, is transitioning from Executive Director to CEO of the schools. This will be great for our school because it will keep me focused on cutting edge strategy and best practices.

Alex Maider will continue in her role as Program Director of both School Street and Club 1458. We are very fortunate here at Tobin Beaudet to have an amazing team of educators as well as our dymanic Leadership Team and Program Director. You and your child see the results of their hard work everyday.

We look forward to continuously creating a rich and thoughtful place for children and families to grow and flourish, and one in which our teachers can be their best for our children.

As always, I look forward to speaking with you at any time.

Warmest regards,
Nurturing, Educating, and Empowering Children