At Tobin Beaudet Schools, we have a long history of helping kids in our community get off to a great start.

What is known today as Tobin Beaudet Schools was founded in 1994 as The Tobin School by Mary Beth Claus Tobin, a lifelong educator. Having been involved with childcare and early childhood education since opening The Charles River Children’s Center in 1980, Ms. Tobin successfully grew the Tobin Family of Schools to include locations in Natick, Needham and Westwood. Together, these schools have served tens of thousands of children and parents since their inceptions.

In early 2012, the next generation of The Tobin School’s Needham location began when Stephanie Beaudet, Executive Director of Tobin Needham and daughter of founder Mary Beth, took the reigns and renamed the school Tobin Beaudet Schools. Like her mother, Stephanie is also a passionate and dedicated educator.


We believe in the following work environment at Tobin Beaudet Schools: 

  • Growth and learning are valued
  • Psychologically safe (ok to speak up)
  • Make honest feedback a positive experience
  • Respectful of all individuals (take on others views)
  • Trust others with challenges so they can grow (it is okay to make mistakes & learn)
  • Open communication (and active listening)
  • Shared common purpose and goals (in service of our children and families)
  • Acknowledge success in others and appreciate colleagues
  • Calm and purposeful
  • We are a place to work where people find the work fulfilling and purposeful; each person feels their contribution is recognized and rewarded.  TBS provides them a way to support their personal lives and goals.





Nurturing, Educating, and Empowering Children