Moms as Mentors Negotiating Workshop

We are excited to host another Moms as Mentors event for moms (and other adults with important girls in their lives) on Saturday, February 8th, 9am- 12pm at our 1458 Great Plain Ave. location.


Moms as Mentors is an organization working to help today’s girls become the most powerful, confident and capable generation of women ever, helping them recognize the power of their individual and collective voices and empowering them to become influential innovators and changemakers.

Habitus Incorporated, a firm that has worked with clients including Netflix, Seventh Generation, MIT and Yale, is offering a FREE half-day workshop on the critical skill of negotiation on February 8.


This training delivers the skills and techniques necessary to master even the most challenging and uncomfortable personal or professional negotiation scenarios you will face.

There are a limited number of seats available and it is first-come first-serve so if you want to come, we recommend you REGISTER right away.

NOTE: This is a workshop focused on how you can improve your own negotiation skills and for adults only. Moms as Mentors is offering this workshop to our community because we believe moms who are more comfortable negotiating on their own behalf will be even better equipped to raise confident girls.

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