After School at Tobin Beaudet (Needham)

Our Afterschool programs at Tobin Beaudet Schools are located at 1458 Great Plain Avenue in Needham. We are currently enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year and we have limited spaces available for new families.

Typical Afterschool Day

Pick up/Arrival (3-3:15pm):

  • Children are picked up from their designated school via bus or walk
  • TBS teacher always accompanies the children on the bus ride from school to Tobin
  • TBS teacher always accompanies the children on a walk over from Newman

Snack & Free Play (3-3:45pm):

  • Upon arrival children are able to have a nut free snack brought from home
  • Between arrival and 1st choice at 3:45pm the children have a free play time
  • puzzles, board games, coloring, reading

Choices (3:45-4:45 and 5-5:45pm):

  • We then transition into our structured part of the afternoon offering “Choices”
  • Children sign up for their choice each afternoon allowing them to choose how they want to spend their afternoons
  • We offer a variety of choices each day including but not limited to active activities, homework, art crafts, outdoors, STEM, imaginative play, Big Hall (our indoor active/sports space)

Pick up (6pm): 

  • Similarly to School Street we have the Tobin App that allows you to let us know when you have arrived for pick up
  • In the Fall/Spring we like to end our afternoons over at the Newman playground!

Please contact us at 781-400-5438 to schedule a tour or email

Membership Program

Our Membership Program is available to families who wish to enroll for afterschool days, early release days, snow days and school vacation weeks as needed. A school year membership allows your family to pick and choose the days you would like your child to attend. In addition to the daily fee there is an annual fee per family of $100 to join the program.

Membership Contract 22-23


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