Choose To Be Nice Lessons at TBS

Choose To Be Nice (CTBN):
Today for CTBN, we learned all about Kindness Superheroes and became them ourselves! We learned how to sign the words “kindness superhero” in ASL and then read the book “I am a Kindness Hero” by Jennifer Adams. In the book, the main character engages in doing Random Acts of Kindness. Our classroom was challenged to do 15 Random Acts of Kindness, which will be recorded on our classroom chart. Then we will vote for our classroom reward once our chart is filled! We them made our own Kindness Superheroes by painting toilet paper tubes bright colors and shaking on sparkly glitter and googly eyes. We finished our superheroes with popsicle stick arms and a felt cape color of our choosing. We concluded the lesson by saying our Nice Mice chant together and earning our 10th Nice Mouse mouse stamp. We’re halfway there to filling up our charts!
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