Introducing our Around The World Curriculum

We are introducing our “Around the World” unit in March. Our goal is to “visit” and learn about approximately 1 county per month. Each classroom plans to include and implement each of these elements:
  • Introduce the country and its capital. Show where it is located on the world map.
  • Have the children create passports that will get stamped each time they visit a new country. Show and then make the country’s flag.
  • Teach about famous people, famous sites and landmarks.
  • Teach about any inventions and any interesting facts about the country.
  • Teach about what a child’s life may be like there and any famous foods.
On Fun Fridays, we’ll take a classroom airplane trip to that country! Chairs get lined up in rows and passports get stamped. The list of countries include the USA, Canada, Scotland, Kenya, Italy, France, Mexico, Israel, India, Japan and Australia!
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