Tobin All Summer!

Opening Day
Monday, June 21st
Hours of Operation 
8:00a.m. – 5:00pm
Last Day
Friday, August 27th
We will provide a safe, summer home for your child. Children will be grouped by class, with a fun summer curriculum catered to each classroom, without leaving Tobin. We are hoping to schedule specialists to visit a few times throughout the summer (weather permitting and we will social distance).
Our hope is that this may be a time you can be confident your child is minimally exposed, and having fun, within a stable safe environment with the same group of children everyday, all summer.
At this time this option is only open to our current Tobin families, and will soon open to other families.
Calendar and curriculum details, coming soon!
Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis, please scan and email to Stephanie at or hand a hard copy in to the teachers.
Please reach out with any questions or concerns,
Nurturing, Educating, and Empowering Children