Summer Swim Lessons for Preschool/Pre-K Children

Dear Families, 


We are thrilled to finally share we are offering OPTIONAL swim lessons for our early childhood summer program at the Charles River YMCA this summer (863 Great Plain Ave., Needham). Please read on to learn about this program offering. I’ve also attached summer enrollment contracts and the activities calendar to this message for your reference. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


The cost of lessons is $22/class. Swim lessons fees will be deducted on the same tuition schedule as summer enrollment fees: 5/25/2020 for June Lessons, 6/25/2020 for July lessons, and 7/24/2020 for August lessons.


TBS educators will walk with the children to the pool, assist the children in entering the water, and supervise the lesson with some of our team on the pool’s edge and some of our educators joining in the water. The lessons will be taught by a YMCA certified swim instructor. The pool will also be supervised by a YMCA certified lifeguard. Our educators will help the children change and walk back to TBS.


The lessons are open to all skill levels, including beginning swimmers. Safety is our utmost priority. Prior to summer, we will reach out with swimming experience surveys to understand your child’s experience level, and address any questions or concerns you may have specifically about your child swimming.


Families have the option to sign their child up for swim lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays at 3:30pm. We understand this time is outside of our “Early Pickup” and “Mid-Day” options. We wanted to avoid conflict with our already scheduled special activity themes and special visitors, as well as quiet rest times – and we had limited options with the YMCA schedule, as well.

Children may be enrolled at TBS in the “Full Day” schedule option ($105/day) in order to sign up for swim lessons including transportation back to TBS for afternoon and evening activities, OR children may be picked up at the YMCA immediately following lessons at 4pm, and attendance will be subject to the “Mid-Day” scheduling rate ($92). If you’d like to adjust your enrollment contract to fit this plan, please let me know.



Please complete the signup form. We will match your child’s online enrollment in swimming with their summer enrollment contract schedule. Not enrolled for summer yet? Join us! Limited spaces are still available. 

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